My dear little man

You are upstairs and Daddy is putting you to sleep -- which lately has involved you running around the room until you are very tired and Daddy snuggles with you -- but the important thing is Daddy and you are working it out (even if it isn't Mommy's way...)

Today someone teased you. Your ears were the target of the barbs. You of course did not notice and surly did not care. But I did. I had a inkling to take the sausage I was holding and smack the tween-boy upside the head with it. I did not act on this impluse...(though it would have been nice to see the look on his face for sure).

Victor, people will tease you in this life. People will find that spot - large or small - and poke at it. People will say things that they don't expect to hurt. Forgive them.
People will say things knowing the power of their words.
Forgive them too.
I hope that you will be able to handle these hurts -no matter the size - with grace and not give in to the urge to hurl the hurts right back at them. I hope that you will hold your head high and be proud of who you are.
We are not perfect. No one is -- thank goodness. We all have imperfections, strange habits, tastes or things that don't fit into the 'box'.
People don't always understand the power of what they say. I was surprised myself today - as this 12 year old boy teased a baby. While the mother bear in me began to growl and feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up, I just looked at this boy with a certain amount of pity.
I hope when people tease you - you can shrug it off - you can see the big picture of life (that we all have imperfections that are tease-worthy) and perhaps knowing that will give you a certain amount of comfort -- knowing that you could tease back, that you could act on your hurt feelings -- but instead will look at the person and feel sad for them -- that they get their kicks from teasing someone. A baby...I mean low can you go?


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