Sippy cups

Last week Yuri and I were out for dinner -- Mexican (where we discovered Victor loves Mexican rice - see the next post) and we ordered a pitcher of margaritas. It was a huge pitcher -- like a 2 drinks for 4 people one (and only $13!!) not wanting for a good cocktail to go to waste or spend an evening with the county's finest - we emptied Victor's sippy cup and filled it (straining out the ice of course)....but there was still more left...
So we dumped the apple juice glass the resturant gave us....filled that too....there was till more left, but that we had to let go (unless we wanted to refill the baby food containers, but that would 'cross the line' -- as if filling sippy cups doesn't?!)


You took it home with you???
That's hysterical. I laughed almost as hard as you did when I told you about being asleep when you called Sat. Too guys rock

10/09/2006 4:21 AM  

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