First things first: YAAAAA HOOOOO! Victor is a hearing champ!

We had his hearing screened today. About a month ago, we went to the Joey Cheek night, where they had fireworks, Victor had no reaction to the loud(!) fireworks. He just watched them, happy as a clam. I brought it up the next day at his 6 months check up, and because of a family history and some tests we did in the room, the doc said we should have him screened just to be sure.
So this morning, we stepped into a sound-proof room (kinda strange) and sat Victor on my lap, while the audiologist talked to him through the speakers in the room, while she watched his reactions through the glass. He happily looked in the direction of the sound most of the time, and thought it was all good fun. When it came to the hissing sounds, he didn't look as much when they were quiet, so we'll double check him in 2 months. The audiologist wasn't sure if it was the ear wax boulder he was sporting, a developmental issue of not paying attention to those sorts of noises or an issue -- most likely the ear wax she said. Lots of "just to be sures" when it comes to hearing. Catching an issue early can make such a difference when it comes to learning to talk and interact with people, I appreciate the cautious approach.
To add to the happiness of the day, the man at Starbucks misunderstood my order, and put 2 extra shots of caffeinated coffee in my decaf this morning......yeeee haaaaa!
(It should be noted I haven't had real caffeine since I found out I was expecting)


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