Lead what?

I've shared with a few people the name of this blog, and I've gotten puzzled looks - so let me explain. It's lead - like a sinker, or weight - not lead, like to lead a group. I've always joked that I am made of lead - because it's been said more than once - wow you don't look like you weigh ___ pounds. Well, as the pounds have come, I've come to understand that not only am I made of lead, but I am making a lead baby as well. So that's where this comes from. I hope he's not made of heavy metals - but instead skin, organs and all the normal baby parts.

Last night was our 3rd birth class. I've shared with some how we are 'that couple' in class. You know the ones "oh honey, don't sit there, next to that couple" It's a class of 10 or so first time parents. People from all walks of life but generally in the same age range is my guess. Here's how we became 'that couple.
  • After watching a birth video, Yuri asks in his serious voice - why do woman suffer? Why don't doctors just make them take medication. That seems wrong to have them suffer so much. The teacher talked about how it's a woman's choice about what happens to her body, and how it's up to her what happens. Of course, Yuri sees a problem and he wants to fix it, so he pressed on asking more questions, until finally the teacher had to say - I've got a class to teacher here, let's move on. After another video, in which the woman got a shot a a mild drug, he wanted to know which drug and how much should be given.
  • While the teacher was trying to fit the doll baby into a torn nylon sack - Yuri calls out 'I don't think the baby is going to make it'
  • The teacher is telling us how we should have a back up coach in the event our coach is unavailable for a little while and she gives all these nice reasons he/she might not be available - then Yuri calls out 'or he might be out drunk with his friends'
  • While practicing our breathing, the teacher talked about how these are important skills to have - Yuri replies "SKILLS" in his Napoleon Dynamite voice.
  • In the breastfeeding class - as they went over the various colors infant poo should be - Yuri calls out "Stinky Babies!!"
  • In the CPR class, Yuri took the doll and had him do the can-can

Of course, I am amused by all these things - I don't always know what other people think, but they only have to deal with us for another 2 weeks. The class has been helpful - lots of it is information I've read in other places, but Yuri and I have learned more about how we can work as a team to get through labor, which will be helpful. Plus, we've talked more about what the process is like, and what I'd like to have happen during birth. I can't believe this baby has to come out -- it's a little scary - people tell me what when I get to term I'll be happy to have it out - but at this point, it's all a little scary.

In other news, it's hot here in the Carolinas. I'm on the varsity ankle swelling team!

Calf + ankle = cankle Thigh + ankle = thighkle I can't think of a large body part that would work - maybe -- lake + ankle = lakle - ok, that's a stretch but I try.

With the heat the way it is, my dog and I just sit here and pant. She has about as much energy as me right now - so we're a good match. Greyhounds don't care for extreme heat much - their lack of fat makes it harder to regulate their temps. I, on the other hand, have a surface area problem, and the heat gets me in a different way.

Victor is a busy little bee - which is good -- even when he kicks organs I didn't know I had, it reminds me that he's doing well in there and that's a relief. I never knew how much one could worry until now -- of course all the parents are thinking 'just you wait'. I had no idea. He has active and quiet times, and lately seems to be getting stronger. For a little while I thought I knew how he was positioned, but I think it changes more than I realize.

I've checked out out other peoples' blogs, and they often had little notes about what they're listening to, reading, feeling - whatever. Well - I'm a newbie - so the low-tech version will have to do!

Reading: In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith

Listening to: the ceiling fan

Mood: restful!

Craving: rootbeer floats


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