Here we go!

Well. I suppose this is it. I've joined the new world of blogging. The purpose of this isn't to express my snappiness, or to regale you in my pop-culture knowledge - but instead to chronicle the coming months as our son is born, and everything that will bring us.

I am starting this at nearly 33 weeks pregnant - i.e. the home stretch. Birth class has started, and Victor's room feels cozy and nice - instead of the collection of clutter it was weeks ago. The real-ness of a child coming into our lives is here. Of course, it still seems like something that will happen in a long time - to other people. Are we really allowed to join the club?

I have tried to blog before - but without a purpose - it didn't really get off the ground. Like many of the blank books I planned on writing short stories and thoughtful observations in - it remains blank and on a shelf someplace. I hope to be more dedicated, and actually do this. Often at coffeeshops, I would glance admiringly at the pensive people in corners, scribbling madly in their books - why couldn't that be me? It's ok - I suppose that just isn't me.

I assume that most of you reading this must know me - but in case you'd like a review....(I am generous in my use of..... and ----)
I am currently living in North Carolina, having moved here a year ago from Vermont. My husband and I have been married a little over a year. All the cheesy things about loving people more and more as time goes on - feels true to me. For all our faults, we keep going on, and laugh a lot along the way.
He is an electrical engineer by trade, and understands things about math and physics I can only nod my head at. He enjoys cooking, and loves food. He enjoys beer, and plans to take up homebrewing in the fall. He likes to read, granted it is often technical stuff - but a novel sits on his bedside table now and again. He has been described a spastic, which adds to his charm. We get a lot done in our house! :)
I have worked as a teacher for the last 4 years. When we moved however, I took the year off to get settled and be focused on our new surroundings. Of course, then we were expecting, so it'll be a little while before I am back in the classroom. I work in a library at the moment, helping folks with their research. It's a nice job to have while pregnant because it isn't terribly stressful and the working environment is awesome.
We have a retired greyhound, who is a complete dork. She's a real goofball. She loves to go the park, and basically sleep. We also have a bossy little cat, who tells us what to do.

Rather than blather on and on - I'm going to post this, and make it live.....more to come!


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