Keep on keeping on

It's been a week since our lives have been shaken up - and we're doing ok. It's not easy not knowing what's going to happen next (I'm a planner....I like to know) but we all feel positive that good will come.

As I sat in the meeting, where they brought everyone in and told them their employment was no longer needed - people we had gotten to know over the years were in the room with us - I was thankful that Yuri has his GreenCard -- friends on H1B Visas have a very small window to find new work or go back to their home country. I was thankful I didn't work there too -- we have friends that both husband and wife lost their job. I am still thankful that Yuri has a great attitude and is working hard getting himself out there in the job market. Calls are coming in, phone interviews are being had. We don't know where all this will take us -- San Deigo, San Jose, Dallas, Portland --- hard to know.

It hasn't been easy on Victor - he knows something is up. He absorbs the stress like a little sponge it seems -- which is means he's been showing us his toddler side a little more clearly (No!...I want candy....I want it....Go that way.....Please hold you). He wants to be held. He wants to stay connected - so I've made dinner with him on my back. I've mowed the lawn with him in the backpack. It's not easy to remember the big picture -- that he doesn't know, he doesn't understand stress, he is being normal -- but a couple deep breaths - and I take care of us both.

This is very much a one foot in front of the other time of our lives.

For sure.


Emma likes that girl's ballerina dress.

5/19/2008 8:58 PM  

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