I managed to get an early review copy of Is God Sad?
Here's my 2 cents ---
This is an interesting book that tackles a huge, difficult to explain topic in a way that many children would find comforting. While it might not be a book that a child would chose on their own, it could used in a variety of settings to help start a conversations about God. I could see myself reading this with my son if he had questions about God or if life events made him wonder the who/what/how/why's that children will often ask about God. The illustrations did not take away from the text, but I didn't feel they added to the book overall. If nothing else, they seemed very childlike, I imagine most children would think child did the drawings. This would be a good book to have in any church resource library, parenting section, classroom (of a religious school). It didn't seem that it leaned in any one faith direction but was very general, so I think it could work in any church's teachings with young children.


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