GO! Update!

There are many reasons not to GO! And it's really easy to just let them take over.

There are many, many more reasons to GO! Like feeling better, getting relaxed, and getting to listen to cheesy pop music that gets you moving. Plus, when you go to the store still in your gym clothes, you have a reason.....not just that you've lost the will to live.

Today was a example of how I'm trying to shift my attitude -- the gym provides child care until 4. Victor woke up at 2:45 - rather than skip it, we still went. I had been studying at a cafe (easier to avoid distracting myself when the reading isn't thrilling) and got to the gym @ 3:10 and Victor was in the process of getting dropped at "gym-playground" - and not impressed. At all. Rather than just going back home -- I showed him around and got him calm enough to leave and still worked out - even though it was only for 20 minutes. It wasn't long but I went. I didn't go home. Little Victories.

We also have been going for walks (it helps that last week it was 70). Today we walked downtown and looked at the train-tracks. Little GO! can add up over time.


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