Oh so this is Halloween

Newborn - PeaPod....
Year one - Frog...
Year two...The King of Rock and Roll.
He really does love Elvis's music, so long ago I thought this would be a great costume for him. He will dance fast for the rock and roll songs, and sway meaningfully for the ballads. Next stop Memphis! :)
If our warm weather had continued, perhaps you could have been able to see his hairy chest, but alas, it was hidden tonight.

You'll also note our subfloor is there -- Yuri and my mom pulled up our tile entrance today and yesterday. We were told it would take days - they did it in 6 hours. Pretty neat to have a son-in-law and mother-in-law be able to work together on a project like that (and still like each other at the end of it). There's also a hint of the sagey green we just painted our downstairs -- it's been project city around here these days.
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