Night time traditions

Since Victor has been bestfed until 20 months - we've been a co-sleeping family. Which means basically Victor sleeps in our bed most nights -- he may start out in the crib most nights and as the night continues, he ends up in our bed.
As we were all laying together tonight - a little pile of family - my heart was full for these nightly snuggles and cozies.
The twilight blue light covering us as the fan circles the air above and Victor's little inky eyes looking up at me, pulling on my ear and patting my arm.
In the morning he pats us awake, and then moving in closer to snuggle for a while until we're ready to get moving.

Of course there are the times like last night when he poked me until I woke up and then when I opened my eyes, he said 'HI!' and while I tried to get him settled, he would raise and lower his legs and I laughed (even though it was midnight or so) because I remember doing that very thing when I was a kid. Raise them up...then flop them down....again and again.

Of course people tell me I'll regret this or that he'll never want to sleep on his own, or he'll basically be a pain sleeper -- but I figure he'll move out before long, when he's ready and hopefully the cozy piled-together family time we've spent all slumbering will help to create a web of love he knows he can count on that helps him fall asleep as a grown man......someday.


We also co sleep so I know how you feel 100%. I love having my child next to me while we sleep. We also have people telling us that we are doing the wrong thing all of the time but I love our mornings ... and middle of the night wakings ... together. These are special times and I would not trade them for anything. I know that you and I will look back on them in years to come with a lot of happy memories.

8/17/2007 11:00 PM  

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