I was eating lunch today -- happy to have finally figured out how to load NPR podcasts on to my player -- somehow not an easy task for some reason.

Happily I listened to this story -- tears filling my eyes. Our particpants were around, talking about business deals gone crazy and there was I sniffling into my soup. I wanted to grab them and say -- here, you have to listen to this.

Then, once I was finished with that one -- I heard part two and that nearly got me moving from quiet sniffling to all out sobbing. The visual in this piece is so amazing -- it touches your soul. I remember hearing it on the radio one Friday morning - but somehow with all the hussle of the morning I don't remember it really getting to me. Maybe it was listening to the stories back to back really hit me.

Let me know what your reaction is to these stories is -- just have the tissues handy. And if the StoryCorps booth comes to your area, be sure to sign up.


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