Victor & G-Ma at the High Point City Lake Park checking out the train -- Victor was so excited to take a ride. Since it's been so hot & humid, we got there early figuring that we could get on & ride in the morning 'coolness'. At 9 am they told it it would start at 10 -- so we looked at turtles, threw crackers at fish & basically ran around. Finally it's 10:05 & they open the ticket window only to tell us that actually the train was broken & would need a a part -- it shouldn't be too long. But by that time it was getting really hot - sweaty hot - humid can't escape hot.

My mom re-named that train the f%*#king train -- and I started to get afraid that Victor would soon be tell all the kids on the playground that he too got to ride on that f%*#king train -- but luckly for us he just tucked that little nugget of information in the back of his head to use when he finally unleashes his words.
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