Hawai'i fun

Tropical Daddy

We are still enjoying life in the land of Aloha. Victor says "be-be-be" when sees the beach or he gets his shovel & pail -- he loves the beach.

Today we went to Kialua Beach Park on the windward side of the island -- so beautiful. The sand was so soft -- like a delightful body scrub. Victor did get knocked over & dunked by a wave -- which scared us both -- he wasn't impressed and I was scared. After the waterlogged cry, some cuddling and rinsing off - he was little a little upset, but happy to raise his hand and say 'be be be' wanting to go back. Good boy. It did make me realize how quickly they can get hurt -- I was standing right next to him & a wave I wouldn't have even noticed thunked him over -- and he got confused & covered in water/sand/fear. But in the end, all was well - but it was enough to make me more aware of always being close by.

While Victor napped, we drove from Kialua to the North Shore - along the coastline -- it was beautiful -- the mountains jagged, green, tropical -- the sandy beaches -- the rocky beaches -- the various colors of blue water from pale nearly green, to deep rich royal -- beautiful.

Tomorrow we're going to visit the Dole Plantation -- it features a train ride and a maze - so it's going to be a hit with Victor I'm sure. We'll head back to the beach park again in the afternoon.

My friend Kevin, who I met when I lived here in 1995, suggested the Aquarium & the Children's Discovery Center -- I think I'll save them for when I'm flying solo when Yuri's at the conference -- I have to have something in my back pocket next week! :)


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