A look at Yuri

After getting out of our room here's looking at Yuri. The rooms are designed like tree houses and there are 2 different rooms in each tree house. We have an upstairs room so we can see the thatched roof -- it extends 25 feet overhead. You can hear all the birds in the morning and the fly through our balcony. If given the chance they would happily steal our breakfast (see previous picture). The place where we're staying in an eco-resort, so there most of the area is mangrove jungle with paths for walking and the little golf carts that carry supplies. It's very low-key. I think the poor guy who is in charge of the entertainment has a job on his hands because most of the people we see here are very relaxed. We've settled into an easy routine - after we walk to dinner, we walk down to the ocean and walk back. When we get back to the room I happily read on the hammock & Yuri reads in bed -- happy to just have time to enjoy it. We are easy to please. We aren't the night club sort really. Happy to listen to the night creatures in the mangrove and take it easy.

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