Momma tosses one back


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We went to Nick's rugby game, and as is tradition the hosting team has the other teams over for food and beer (mostly beer) Nick's team is the San Diego Armada - so one of the traditions is to have a 'boat' of beers - moving from the front to the back -- 5 people need to chug their beers as quick as possible - when 1 finishes the next person starts. You signal you're done by putting the beer on your head. Nick's Armada was short 1 person, and I had previously demonstrated my abilitites to drink a beer at a quick rate -- so I joined in. You know to help out....Perhaps it is special to say that the rugby players were amazed at my abilities to help their team out.


To amaze rugby players really takes quite a bit of talent. Hat's off to ya!

3/03/2007 12:25 PM  

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