I got a medal!

It's a 12 month breastfeeding medal.
As long as Victor wants to, we will shoot for the World Health Organization's recommendation to breastfeed to 2 years -- American Pediatrics recommends to at least 12 months. He doesn't nurse much anymore and I don't need to pump at work (yaa hoo!) Why have we stuck with it so long? Well, it works for us both. It's a time to connect and the milk continues to build his immune system. Even when he won't eat (like today, he didn't eat for most of the day) he's have a snack at Mom's Diner, and that is what he needs to get back into eating mode.

Today he pulled his sock basket down off the shelf, took all the socks out & sat in it -- all nice and cozy.....couldn't get out...but it was really cute!


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