Victor has been giving me a run for my money when it comes to sleeping through the night (or STTN in some circles) and even though it's hard, and I'm tired - I remember that this too shall pass -- these waking every 2 hours it will be a memory before long. We are going to check in with his pedi to make sure that our skinny man won't suffer from a food standpoint if we close mommy's diner from midnight to 5am. Yuri is ready to work with Victor on this and I'll stay in the guest bedroom while they work out the kinks. I know it will all work out -- Victor -- when you are a teenager or a father yourself -- and you scratch your head and wonder what were they thinking -- just know that we are doing the best we can - parenting with our hearts and minds - letting your temperment and attitiude help to guide our steps - and it hasn't been easy - but you are so worth it all sweet little dirt ball (Daddy's favorite name for you) Posted by Picasa


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