13 Month Round-Up

I can hear him protesting upstairs as Yuri is giving him a bath -- yep, we've had the boy for 13 whole months. He's made it...we've made it too. Pretty much still smiling about it too! Thinking about round 2 even -- although the other day I saw a woman with twins and a 2 year old, and I got goosebumps. Ack!
He's on the move and he's into it all. He loves to dump things and then run over to something else and put other things into a container -- ie: dump out all the pots, throw Mommy's wallet in the trash, or dump out a plant, throw the telephone in the toilet -- this list could go on.

What he loves:
** Reading books -- when I put him to go to sleep, he'll sit and read. He's woken up several times with a book pressed against his face and he got a book print on his face.
** If I were say he had a favorite book, I would say it's the Very Hungry Caterpillar -- that one in particular he seems to enjoy. It was a favorite of mine too! That's a cool family tradition.
** Walking around outside and watching the neighbors mow the lawn
** Pushing a grocery cart -- really anything he can push
** Trash cans -- when we're out at a store and we're going thru the line, he'll see the trash can behind the counter and go for it
** Getting behind the scenes -- like running behind the counter
** Gatorade/Water mixed together
** Whole milk
** Emma the cat!
** Chicken & Wild rice
** Baby goldfish crackers
** Throwing food, mashing it in his hair or rubbing it all over his clothing.

Things he's not a fan of:
** Getting his face washed, wiped or poked at
** Having his nose picked or sucked (with the snot sucker)
** Having a cold
** Getting put in his car seat when he really wants to go some place else -- like not there.

What we've learned:
** Go to the doctor when you don't know or are unsure if they are sick
** Get outside when it's nice or just kinda nice -- it feels good to be outside.
** Let them find their own toys.
** Parent with your heart
** Ask for help when you need it
** Babies need and know their routine more than you realize


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