Baby talk

We've thought we've heard it, friends have too -- it sounds like Victor's first words are 'I love you' -- is that not the coolest thing? Today we were cuddling and doing our family "God Bless...." time and Victor babbled and it sounded so clear, Yuri said "I love you!" perhaps it's offical? We have, of course, heard other things in his babbles -- like Al Gore and pilates. We breed our future Dems early here in the Red States. Perhaps a John Edwards/Victor Tretiakov ticket in 08' -- it might be better than what we have now! Ha!

Victor is one, and the boy is on the MOVE. Really he just goes -- he loves to look around and observe. Tonight at dinner, in a local Mexican place, he was so interested in the door in and out of the kitchen -- he couldn't take his eyes off it, even if it meant not being able to see my hand coming in to feed him. He was awestruck by it. Another favorite thing to do it to stand at the storm door and watch what is happening outside -- he loves that. He'll wait at the door for Yuri to come home -- and when he does, he starts slapping the door with happiness. Walking has become his favorite mode of transportation, he's pretty steady on the toes. Today, he was playing with a football -- something I'm sure his Uncle is glad to hear about! He even was trying to hike it --- something he figured out just by chance because the only football he's seen was a 1/2 hour of pee-wee football last night in the park!

Victor's face is full of expression -- he can look quizical, impish, sad or curious...and sometimes all within a little while. It's fun to watch and see a face that is new.


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