What get's passed on.

Sometimes, while I'm carrying Victor from place to place, I'm still amazed that this is my son -- this baby grew in my belly, and was just a dream a year ago. Now he's here, with likes & dislikes, opinions and smiles. It's all an amazing thing really.

The other night he was snacking before he drifted off to sleep and I realized that he was rubbing his feet back and forth on eachother, while I (w/out even noticing it) was doing the same thing. I always do this funny foot rub thing, not even aware than I'm doing it, and it looks like Victor got the gene for that.

In just a couple weeks, he'll be a year old. Hard to believe really. I know you've heard it before -- but it has flown by, and our lives are so wonderfully different now. Of course there are moments when you frown and scratch your head...but those are moments rather than hours or days. He really is a lot of fun to be around, which makes parenting fun. Yuri loves being a father -- he wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Victor. Of course like most Dads, his favorite thing is to get him rowdy, regardless if we're in quiet pre-bed time....it's time for a tickle party.

He's really into being mobile and moving around. Spills and things getting tossed on the ground are par for the course these days. Luckily we drink washable beverages at this point. There is a certain path of distruction that follows him -- coasters he loves to move around....books on the floor.....a box dragged here....recycling that somehow got pulled out.....the trash can knocked over.....and that's all within 5 or 10 minutes.
He figured out how to clap the other day - I think he may have forgotten how to do since then -- but that was the first sign of a hand communication.


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