Did you know this week is World Breastfeeding Week? August 1st - 7th -- the week was created by the World Health Organization and other health groups to promote and encourage breastfeeding around the world.
Being that I am still nursing - I thought this would be a good chance to share some of the funnier observations I've had these last 10 months of being a human dairy bar.

First - about the whole breastfeeding in public thing -- do you really think I want you to look at these things right now... I mean, please, a milky boob isn't like something from Girls Gone Wild. I would much prefer everything be tucked away and hidden (I was the girl who changed in the corner of the locker room so no one would see me) but when you are trying to feed a little person - things happen - blankets get thrown, babies get wiggly and you do the best you can. If you get offended by a little skin, get a grip - I really didn't want you to see anyway!
Now before I get accused of being a 'titty terrorist' I want to be clear that breastfeeding is hard work and it wasn't easy for me. There were times I wanted to close up shop and get someone on the formula train. But after I took a deep breath, I some how kept with it - perhaps it was the economy of it, perhaps it was the ease of having food always available - but I think it was mostly out of love. I knew that it was the best thing I could do for Victor, so I stuck with it. The writer Annie Lamont said that breastfeeding is the purest form of communication she knows -- I get it. For real.
I also understand how someone might need to stop or without the right support (real support, not fear or guilt) might give up. I can't judge them because it is such a personal moment - like so many parts of motherhood. I think we all do the best we can for our kiddos. When my milk didn't come in for so many days, and Victor lost so much weight, I thought I had failed, I was so upset about it - but with a little relaxed and non-judgemental help from the Smart Start Nurse, I got everything rolling ok. What a blessing.
With breastfeeding, like with so much of motherhood - you have to have a sense of humor about it all -- because if you can't laugh....from milk spraying all over, leaks at the worse possible times or little bird faces the baby makes when the boob approaches - they gotta make you smile.
In January, in our book club, we read the book Plain Truth which is about an Amish girl who's newborn baby is killed. As our discussion turns from the book to spooky movies - I get a little stressed out. I look down and I have a leak spot larger than my hand going down my shirt. Nice.
Last week I had to have my annual exam (what a treat) and Yuri was 10 minutes late to cover Victor while I was indisposed -- so Victor hung out with me during the appointment. So he's sitting on my belly - hanging out when suddenly he realizes under the paper...if he can just tear away the paper....there is a BOOB! So the paper is flying, he's tearing into it and when he finally sees the boob, he falls on it like he's never seen it before. I think that was the funniest pap smear that doctor had ever done.
This is why I love the little shirts that say things like Boob Man, Nip Suck, Ain't yet quit the tit, Breasts: not just for selling cars any more, That's my kids lunch you're staring at, or My Milkshake feeds all the kids in the yard - because when you are breastfeeding -- laughter keeps the milk flowing!


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