Boob for World Peace

Today is the last day of international world breastfeeding week -- in honor of the week I have a couple more thoughts to share. One of the reasons I've enjoyed breastfeeding Victor is because through those tender moments with him I can offer safety to him -- in this crazy world we live in, what a blessing that is. It is a place..a moment where all is safe, where everything will be ok. I won't be able to solve all his problems in his life - I won't be able to shield him from disappointment, pain or hurt -- but for right now I can give him noursiment that I love him enough to make. Breastfeeding isn't easy, and there are moments when feel like I want to close up shop -- but the next time he's feeding, and I see his eyes looking up at me - I know that feeding him is the most important thing I can be doing for him at that moment. The laundry can wait. Email can wait. The dust can wait -- nestled there with me, that cozy time -- that's what is most important for us. I've joked that if more people could have that safe, cozy, loving time, maybe some people would choose a path of peace.


Awesome post! I agree nursing is NOT easy, and frankly I wish they would TELL you that it does not just work, just because your a mom and you have a baby...but it CAN and DOES become a beautiful thing, that parents can love, if you give it a chance!

8/07/2006 11:00 PM  

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