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Here we are - we're all sick. Yaa hoo. Everyone has something running out of their nose (lovely) and we can do a coughing round if we really put our minds to it. We'll get better before long. In the meantime, pass the kleenex!

Victor is 10 months old --- only 2 months to a year. I remember when needing to be 9 months pregnant seemed like forever -- and now, once he's here - 10 months has flown by. It's really quite amazing. I try to drink in these days - to savor them - to see the humor in the not so great moments, knowing that someday I might (maybe) smile about the baby food getting flung, the trash getting knocked over or having to do all the laundry...ok, let's not push it with that one! Of course, the great moments are fleeting too - and it's so easy to forget all the smiles we are having.

Victor is a pretty social creature - he thinks riding in the grocery cart is his chance to be the grand marshal in his very own parade. Smiling, laughing - once he gets waving down, forget about it! I don't know if it's a southern thing or not, but people have actually kissed him! It doesn't bother me because I can see how much babies can light up a lonely old woman's life for a second, so heck if she wants to give him a peck, have at it! A week ago at a rural grocery store in the mountains, a man with a large smile and not many teeth took to Victor and was telling him all about life and how much fun it is. I like how babies break down barriers and remind us all of our humanness.
The other day I was nibbling on his toes while I was feeding him, joking that I was so hungry, I was going to eat the baby -- he was laughing so hard. An hour later he sneaks up to my foot hanging off the couch and chomps on it - OOWCH! We won't play that game for a while. He was so hungry he wanted to eat mommy!
He's cruising around - if he can hold on, he'll walk along it. He's figured out how to climb up stairs - we're still working on the down part. He is in love with the cat, and remarkably she loves him too. He can do a full on body slam, and she just takes it. He can remove handfulls of hair and she doesn't complain. I found her one more curled up in between his legs while he was sleeping. She didn't like him when he was little, but now Emma is into Victor.

Oh, and by the way -- I've been keeping Lead Baby for a year now!! Yeah! I'm excited that I've kept it up - and I'm glad people stop by too.

Here's the latest likes and dislikes for now

Boobies -- he's even taken a misguided suck at man nipples.
Standing up
Water - bath time
Tapping your hand over his mouth while he goes 'ahhh'
Giggling his jaw while he's making noise
Remote controls
The telephone - he tried to dial internationally the other day - the operator came on to give directions....oops.
Pulling things off shelves or tables
Meeting people
Riding the stroller
Flinging baby food
Sleeping with Daddy in the recliner
Music with big bass
Sticking his whole hand into A&D ointment
Watching other people dance, and dancing himself
Opening drawers and doors
Taking things out of the drawers
Sticking his finger in his nose....and then sticking it in his mouth....

Diaper changes
Getting his nose sucked
Hot cars & hot car seats
Taking something away from him
Not being able to reach things
Being clumsy (aka: face plants)
Having his face washed
Cough syrup
Having his nose sucked or picked at

I read a book that really spoke to my heart -- Let the Baby Drive There were lots of parts of the book I found myself thinking - a. why didn't I write that? b. oh, she GETS IT! c. I'm going to cry d. I should scrapbook that quote. So if you're looking for a book, and you're a new/newish mom - check it out if ya want!


It does go so fast. I too am reallly truing to concentrate on enjoying it all rather than looking at the clock counting how long till bedtime. It does get tiring being a mom, but it is just so wonderful!!!!

Good for you for concentrating on the good stuff.

Congrats on your blogging anniversary.

So nice to meet you:)

7/26/2006 2:21 AM  

I just left a comment, but I am not sure if it got eaten.

Was just saying that I too am trying to concentrate on enjoying it all etc. and good for you for concentrating on the good stuff.

congrats on your blogging anniversary

so nice to meet you:)

and if this is a repeat, sorry :)

7/26/2006 2:23 AM  

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