-This is a picture of Victor at the playground on Friday - a group of parents from my work met there to hang out together for a little while. Fun was had by all!

We coverted the 'eyesore' in our backyard (there's a story to that) to a real playground. Yaa Hoo! Granted, Victor is happy to swing & that's about it so far- but his time will come.
Today was a wonderful example of many hands makes a task fly by -- Ken, Kevin & Yuri got the playground put together and ready for playing in six hours -- 6! Holy cow! What fun it was to have moved to a place under 2 years ago, and have the kinds of friends who will suffer under a June, North Carolina sun to lend a hand. What a blessing it is.
Yuri went shirtless (like always, I swear it's hard to keep a shirt on him - I think if he could, he wouldn't wear a shirt at work) so he's RED. Of course, his red will turn to brown - if it were me, I would be a pile of peeled skin.

The playground got me thinking about how much fun it will be to play in the future with him - how much fun he is now!
While taking a bath tonight, I was reminded how quickly things happen -- Victor's been experimenting with putting his face underwater - and put his face under and forgot how to get his face out -- can't turn away for even a couple seconds. It freaked us both out a little. Bath time is focused time for sure.

Victor has dicovered he likes to 1. tip over the cat's water dish and/or 2. eat cat food. Yeah hoo!


What an adorable baby. Me likey.

6/04/2006 7:44 PM  

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