I got this outfit before I knew Victor was going to be a boy, figuring it was good and Vermonty - so the baby should wear it regardless of gender. Of course, now that Victor is large enough to wear it, the hot weather of the South has started. We got to wear it once at least, and it was very cute. The benfits of getting clothing used is if you don't wear something a ton, you don't feel so bad about it.

Well, someone has learned to crawl. He army crawls around, comado style. He's actually getting pretty quick with it. Quick enough to crawl under the sofa while I get up to get some water. His discovery during this time has been his love of wires of all types. Audio, USP cords, power supplies -- any and all types of wires. You don't realize how many wires are around your house until someone wants to get to them all the time. Because of this love of wires, Victor is starting to hear the word 'No.' gentle still, but No all the same. We've been very 'let him explore & experience that' but with the wires, we figured this was one to get tough on.

His tooth has cut through the gums! We can feel it, but can't really see it yet. On Monday he took my hand to chew on it, and Yahow! There it was, the little, sharp tooth! His gummy smile will be lost before long. Somehow it's bittersweet because getting teeth (along with so much that will come) is another step towards growing up. It's exciting, but somehow sad too -- the baby days will be over before I know it, that's for sure! Granted, I look forward to the exploring days of toddlerhood, but the snuggly days of infancy will be gone before long. Time flies & that's for certain. The past 7 1/2 months with Victor have flown by in comparison to the same time of being preggers.

He enjoys eatting -- he tasted cheesecake for the first time today -- he was so happy he vibrated with excitement. He thought pickles and banana peppers were good too! Mangos & pineapple are good. He's not too much of a fan of the green veggies, but will tolerate them. His babysitter said that he enjoyed his YoBaby so much, she wondered if it had pot in it because of his blissed out face.

He learned how to be angry when he was in the hosptial in Febuary, and now and again we hear that same ticked off cry. All in all, it's rare, but I think that day in the ER taught him how to be angry -- but being held down by a bunch of nurses and stuck with a needle 6 times is enough to tick me right off too. He's figuring out IF/THEN -- If Mommy brings me to Erma's then she's leaving for the day. If I pull on the cat's hair then the cat runs away, and I can crawl after her. You can see it on his face when he figures something out, a big A-Ha! crosses his face. He loves the phone - of course, he likely thinks it's an appendange of mine though.

He loves to sleep between Yuri & I in the mornings. We can sneak an hour or two extra of sleep with him hanging out with us, snacking and sleeping. We're all pretty happy with that. He wakes up everyday with a smile on his face -- it's really the best.

Yuri is so in love with Victor. He's constantly overwhelmed with love for his son. He says often ' you just want to be a little bug that lives in his ear.' or ' you just want to bite his toes off because they are so cute' - somehow that doesn't sound so strange when he says it. Posted by Picasa


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