My little fang

Victor has real offical teeth now. My gummy smile days have past, new sweet boy toothy grins have arrived. It's bittersweet, and not just because he's tried biting the boob that feeds a couple times either!
We were at the doctors office this week and I was overcome with the feeling that I wish he would be a 8-9 month old baby forever - or at least retain some of the endearing qualities he has right now. As a parent, this age is great because you walk into the room and you are greeted with a smile that melts your heart. Watching them explore new things -- everything from rice you didn't notice on the carpet to the cat walking by or a sprinkle of rain -- it's all so new and magical to them. He can play for a little while by himself, entertained with paperbags, toilet paper tubes. He loves nothing better than to crawl around on you - exploring your face (he discovered you can stick a finger in someone's nose the other day - let's hope he doesn't try that on strangers...) He loves his bath time still -- kicking up a storm. He loves water -- I rinse his hair with rigor and he loves it. Every new stage has brought new skills - new sweetnesses -- new fun and I wonder how can this keep getting better -- how can my love keep growing -- but it does, and I'm so thankful.

Here are something he likes now that he's 8 1/2 months old:
** Wires -- phone, laptop, speaker -- any kind, any place -- he WILL find them
**Yo-Baby yogurt (and I like the one for you, one for me with that too - yum whole milk!)
** Boob-age
** Taking a bath with toys
** Having his picture taken
** Meeting people when we're out and about
** Patting (new skill here! vs. grabbing) the cat
** Crawling to catch the cat
** Crawling any place!
** Balls to chase
** Keys, cell phones, wallets to chew on
** Looking around
** Balloons -- he loves to hang on to the string and bopp it around -- he thinks this is the coolest thing ever.
** Sleeping in with Mommy & Daddy on the weekends
** Music of all kinds - though showing a preference for hip-hop & rap early on, he loves any music
** Watching Mommy & Daddy dance or sing
** The Victor Vito song -- he can be crying (a fussy cry) and I start singing that - and he'll start to listen and maybe even laugh a little
** Being held upside down
** Flying like an airplane
** Tossing things off the changing table
** Sucking on lemons
** North Carolina BBQ sauce
** Attempting to drink from a grown up cup
** Making noise with his mouth - playing with his lips & tongue8
** Kicking his legs & moving his arms - especially at the same time

Things he doesn't like so much at 8 1/2 months

** Waking up on weekdays -- can you blame him?
** Getting taken away from the wires
** Scented laundry soap -- not so much that he doesn't like it as much as he gets a rash
** Trying to get clothes on when he really wants to crawl away
** Being alone -- he's fine playing on his own, but likes to know that you are in the room

Things we've learned:
** We love this boy
** Keep an eye out -- babies move fast!
** You can have baby funk on you & not know it
** You will wonder what the world will be like for your baby in the future
** Settling into a routine is nice - even if it's not hip and maybe involves lots of Food Network - it's ok.
** There are some things you let slide or don't worry about -- and there are other things that are non-negotiables.

Everyday he's learning something new -- he'll crawl across the room to get his paci if he wants it. So he's starting to really understand what he wants -- ah the games begin!

Yuri said the other day he loves him so much he wants to live in his ear - just be to there with him. Crazy as it sounds, I understand completely.


Thanks for stopping by my place! What exactly was it you used for teething and where might I find it? I loved this post, by the way! We, too, watch a lot of Food Network - he loves Rachel Ray! I'll be blogrolling you!

5/26/2006 10:35 PM  

We've been using Camila by Boiron -
It's our first line of defence -- that normally is all he needs - one tube of that - if he's still upset, then oragel, then tylenol. It's worked well.
We'll add you to our connecting with other babys blogroll! :)

5/27/2006 10:50 PM  

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