Listening to Laughter

Victor's laughter is contagious that's the first thing we've noticed. He is a giggler right now. It reminds me of a little giggling engine because once you get him started, he just keeps on going! He loves being tickled - it first started under his chin, and now his sides are giggle material. Before he really learned to laugh, he would always smile when he heard a coughing sound - so now he laughs when someone coughs or sneezes. Mom Esther would lay him down (@ 3 months) and pretend to cough and he would think that was pretty funny. He loves when people make sounds with their mouths - quacking, popping or buzzing sounds - he thinks they are all pretty neat. Now he tries to make those sounds with his mouth - sucking his lips, smacking his mouth, and buzzing his lips. There's a time when he's tired and trying to fight off sleep and he'll start ways to make himself laugh but he'll be crying at the same time too. Just a couple minutes ago Yuri was tossing him up the air a little, his arms going in all directions, laughing up a storm - what a great sight to see! Posted by Picasa


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