Water Bug

Victor has taken to the water like a little duck! He loves to kick and splash -- some of the 2 year olds in our swim lesson can't believe a little baby likes to swim so much. Granted, if I let go of him, he would sink - but he loves to be there! As soon as I turn him over to his belly, his swimming instinct kicks in (so to speak) and the legs and arms get moving. Today he did put his face directly in the water, and that freaked him out - but he recovered and starting kicking again once again.
Now before you worry that by having him start swim lessons young, I am starting my pursuit of Olympic Gold in the 100 meter freestyle - don't worry! I think he likes the water, but we're not starting personal coaching so he can compete in toddler swim meets (is there such a thing?) I won't be an insane sports parent, I assure you. Posted by Picasa


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