6 months +

I've been good about posting photos - but taking time to reflect & write -- well it's been a while!

Yes - Victor is now 6 1/2 months old. It's kinda strange in a way - he's only been here for 1/2 a year - but it's like he's always been with us - we can't imagine life without him. He's sitting next to me, feeding himself little puffs. He loves feeding himself -- but he loves being fed too! I would have to say his favorite food (other than the boob) would be bananas. He's not a big fan of peas, unless I mix them with bananas.

He's rolling around (in all directions)-- we'll set him down - turn around - and he'll be half-way across the room. Little traveler. He kicks his little feet all day and all night long. He's worn out a pair of fleece booties from kicking. At night, he'll move his feet back and forth softly -- one night, cuddled next to him I realized I do the same thing. Strange what get's passed down. He starts swim lessons this week - he's a little water bug. We went swimming today & he got to put his little kicking legs to work.

He's a very social little guy! He loves to interact with people - smiling at all that pass by. For him, visiting Costco is a real social event. When we traveled to Arizona the people in front of us on the airplane didn't know he was with us he was so quiet. Flying with a baby reminds you again how much trust you are putting into the pilots hands - it took my breath away the first flight.

He's starting to teethe. Oh the joy. The main way we know is the runny nose. He's been sporting the crusty nose for a few days - he's not a big fan of the nose sucker. It's sad to me that his gummy smile is only with us for this short time - pretty soon we'll see those pearly white teeth. It's like that with so many things - you are excited to see the changes he's making but another part of you is a little sad that the little tiny baby days have passed by.

He's started to figure out that he doesn't like when things get taken away - he protests for a couple seconds and then moves on with life. He also really lights up with Yuri or I come into the room -- that always makes you feel good to see the eyes open wide, the legs start kicking and arms start reaching.

Here are some of the things he enjoys..
* Watching the cat walk by -- Emma is much of a baby fan - so it's merely a cat passing that will get Victor giggling
* Anything crinkly sounding
* Ripping apart magazines
* Taking a bath
* Chewing on things
* Watching the Olympics
* Fireworks
* Reading a book & trying to turn the pages or at least chew on them
* Jumping in his Jumperoo
* Flinging food when he trys to feed himself or using food as a hair product

Here are some of the things he's not a fan of...
* Having his face washed
* Having his nose sucked
* Being left alone
* Sleeping through the night

We've learned alot - like....
* The best place to poop is in a clean diaper
* It's even better if it's in a cute outfit Mom couldn't wait for you to wear
* Some baby toys can't be put in the dryer
* If a baby toy makes an annoying noise - the best thing to do is to put it in the dryer
* Baby food often doesn't taste like the item pictured
* Laundry is an important thing to keep up with
* People love to give advice
* Take it all with a grain of salt
* Do what works for us is the best thing of all
* Mini-vans have more appeal now
* Saying little prayers helps to keep you calm
* You will always wait for a doctors appointment
* Breastfeeding in public isn't so hard anymore
* Be private with breastfeeding with the clothing you have - because now he likes to throw the covering away
* Picking up a covering, with a baby on the boob isn't easy
* Used baby gear is a good thing

It's been a wonderful half year - it has gone by too fast. Everything is wonderfully different. He's such a wonderful little bean we've been blessed with. I used to think it was crazy when people would talk about having another baby when they already had a little baby - now I understand it better. Bring on the babies. (No we're not expecting, it'll be a while! :)


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