Arizona Trip - Day One

We are traveling in Arizona - Victor is a great traveler -- he looks at people and smiles and laughs. He will look at someone, get their attention and make them smile. It's fun. We are enjoying the different ecosystems - but of course getting home is always a sweet thing too!
Here are some pictures from our day! ok those will come - someone is ready to go bed....later as you can see I was able to post some photos!
Victor has been glamming it up in his BabyBanz - people think they're pretty cute & stop us to ask where we got them. So he thinks they are pretty cool to wear. I think he looks a part of some baby mafia when he wears them! "Yeah I got a load of formula & diapers to sell on the black market!" ha ha. In all seriousness, our doc recommended them when I said we would be traveling - that when you get babies started wearing sunglasses young they don't complain so much about them - they glasses are 100% UV protection - so it's good for him - not to mention so dang cute.
He figured out how to roll over - so he rolls into the side to the crib at night, but can't figure out how to unroll from where he is, so then he starts to whimper, and then cry. Soon he'll get how all that works.


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