Finally Writing Something!

Victor turned 5 months old a week ago -- can you say time flies!?
We continue to be awed by all that parenthood entails. I heard that becoming a parent means you have your heart walk outside yourself for a while -- I think that sums it up really well.
Victor is a happy guy - he loves to smile at everyone - strangers and friends alike. He loves to sit in the car (when we're waiting for someone of course, not pulling a Britney!) and watch the cars and people pass by. He really observes a lot. He has really noisy times and really quiet times. Sometimes he'll just sit & watch everything, quiet as a mouse - and other times he wants to tell you all about it.
He learned how to roll over last night - and used his new skills all day today. He's pretty excited about it - everytime he gets all the way over- he has a look of surprise on his face - like 'how did I do that?'
He did get sick - it was our first trip to the ER and his first hospitalization - for dehydration. It can be very serious for little guys. He went from a happy healthy baby to a very dry, sick baby in just a few hours. So I learned that it's better to be safe than sorry - and to go get checked out when in doubt. If you have a nervous feeling about it - listen and get checked out. Bring snacks, extra clothing, a bottle and small cash when you go too - because you won't want to leave your baby - and it can be hours before they bring food to your room.
He loves watching the Olympics -- basically he likes most sports -- I think it is because there are large areas that are one color and other things that move that are easy to follow because they are the focus - like the skier in downhill or a figure skater. He really focused on the Superbowl - just give him some wings and he would've been all set!
Here are some things he likes:
*Having his hair brushed
*Taking a bath - we're on his 3rd baby bath b/c he keeps growing out of them
*Jumping in his Jumperroo
*Looking at animals
*Visiting with other kids - trying to grab them
*Laughing & SMILING
*The boob
*Today he turned his head as far as it could go to see Yuri as he came in - so he loves to see Daddy
*Watching the Olympics
* Rolling over

What he doesn't like:
* Getting stuck with needles
* Throwing up
* Riding the in seat in a shopping cart - the ribrations freaked him out

What we've learned
* The only right way to parent is the way that you feel ok about
* Working as a team to get things done is the only way
* There is a need to protect your child that is unbelievable
* Working part time is a great solution for the work/family balance issue - it's not always perfect but nothing ever is!



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