Photo Phun

Today we went and had professional pictures taken of us all -- it was nice to stop for a moment and document ourselves at this phase of our lives. Victor, despite being totally tired, managed to get a few smiles out for the camera. As soon as the photo session was over - he promptly feel asleep like a little rag doll. I had a great 'master plan' to drive him around for a couple hours and take care of some things (like going to the post-office, returning some library books), with the hope that he would sleep while we did these things.....well he wanted to watch it all - and didn't sleep many winks at by the time we got to our 3:00 appointment, I was doubtful we could get any smiles out of the boy -- he was such a trooper and smiled wonderfully.

Lots more things to share -- someone is 'paging' me right now :)


Your pictures turned out great! You all look so happy and that's great to see, after all you've been through lately. Take care!

12/27/2005 7:08 PM  

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