5 glorious weeks are here!

The one handed typing continues!

A month has come & gone in a blink of an eye - the days do run together really - a little blurred, but wonderful.
We went to the doctor this week - he weighs 9lbs 7 oz -- that means he's gained nearly 3 pounds since he's been home. That makes me proud of my work as his own personal dairy bar. He grown a little longer too -- he's in the 50th percentile across the board - nice and normal. He got a shot, Hep. B....I cried watching him get his shot -- I swear the needle was as big as his leg. His doctor is great and answered all the questions I had -- 2 pages!

I have exactly a month left of my maternity leave. I have mixed feelings about going back to work - part of me has enjoyed the unstructured nature of our days - doing whatever comes our way, and noticing all the new things he's doing each day (learning to drool, smiling, looking father and farther).
But another part of me feels like a little break will make me want to be with him more. I think about this especially when he's having a fussier time. Taking time away will make me kinda run back to be with him, even if he is screaming at that moment. Part time work will be best for a while, for my heart and for my body - I am operating on 6 hours (max) of sleep - so part time will work so that I don't get worn out (and sick). It will be nice to get to think a little too - sometimes I get a little scared at my memory and challenge in putting thoughts together (ack!)

Being a new parents we've learning some important things so far....

  • A&D diaper ointment is really more of a non-stick coating for baby butts
  • Yuri just learned what the word Fussy means - for a long time he didn't know what I was talking about when I said Victor was fussing -- so now Yuri wants to use the word all the time!
  • When a baby cries check - hunger - diaper or snuggle - in that order most days (and extra burping and gas drops don't hurt either)
  • Once you get the baby outfitted in the cute outfit you can't wait for him to wear - a major poop explosion will happen, and that outfit is toast before even getting out of the bedroom.
  • A baby boy loves to pee alllllllll over - their hair, the wall, their parent's bed (just after they changed the sheets too)
  • The sofa of new parents is an body fluid experiment zone
  • Month old babys can choose the book they want to read by following a book and kicking their legs
  • Have lots of baby hangers so you don't have fold clothes - just hang and go.
  • It's better to read during nursing than watch too much TV - it makes me cranky to watch to much TV
  • But...at the same time - in the middle of the night - I am easy to entertain
  • The Magic Bullet Blender system infomercial - I've watched it a bunch.
  • If something sucky is on TV, you will drop the remote and have to watch it
  • You will worry and check if the baby is breathing - even if you swore you'd never do that
  • Anytime you hear about a kid getting hurt - it all takes on a new meaning
  • You realize all that you put your mother through - I appreciate her a lot more - her sacrifice, her attitudes and all that she put up raising me

Well - it's 9:15, which means that I should get to bed before I lose wonderful sleep time.

In one last thought - I've been cleared by my doc to resume any activity - back to gym for me - and I get to take a HOT bad - none of that luke warm stuff I had to endure while preganant! Yaa hoo!


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