2 Week Update!

Time in moving at a new - quicker pace now! We have adjusted to having Victor here with us. Yuri has been home these 2 weeks, which has been such a blessing for us all. With the c-section, he wanted to be home until I could drive again - he'll be back to work on Monday.

Yuri has become the poop bomb expert. Normally greeting a poopy diaper with "NICE!" or "OH! Poop is pouring out!" Yuri has helped to keep our house clean and laundry moving along, as well as water in my hand (I get wicked thirsty when nursing) It'll be hard to have him go back to work - but luckly he's close by, so we can have lunch with him now and again for an adventure. He even knows the daytime schedule down -- he just said 'you know Oprah is on if you want to watch it' -- :)

Each day is such a gift with the little guy - he's growing quickly already (7lbs 9oz on Monday) He's becoming much more alert and is awake for longer periods of time. He loves to look at the ceiling fan and at the mini-blinds - I imagine they are very interesting to the newborn set. He's had a runny nose for a week now - but has't complained much - despite the frequent nose suckings he has to endure.

We took him out to lunch on Sat., and we managed to breastfeed in public without getting people ticked off or getting a ticket! :) I hadn't thought that my hands would be tied up - so Yuri had to feed me. :) From here on out, I'll be sure to get fingerfoods!

More to come!


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