In launch position

Here we are at 35 weeks and Victor is head down -- ready for launch! It was a relief to find out he's facing down -- a couple visits ago he was relaxing with his butt down and his feet and hands by his head. Everything else looks good - which is good news too. From here on out, I get to go to the docs each week until he's born. The doctor didn't have any reason to think that he'll come before September. Being that I am a person that wants to be in control of things - this process is big experience in letting things take its course, but there is an element of me that has a need to plan. I guess the best thing I can do is be prepared.

The hospital tour was good -- it's a hospital that just does birthing and other things related to women's health. The "ER" is labor and delivery triage basically. Yuri was on good behavior, pretty much. The rooms are pretty good sized, and are private, which is nice too -- I can't imagine birthing with other people around! We have one class left, and it's a party.

I wonder what little Victor looks like - I feel like I have started to get to know him a little. He'll push on my hand, and I'll push back and we'll do this for a few minutes. He likes to stretch out in all directions sometimes. I imagine sometimes he's just having fun and smiling moving and kicking around. One morning I thought I heard him squeak -- but that was likely my stomach making some sound -- but it made me think about a noisy little person will join us soon!

Our lives are pretty quiet in many ways -- I laugh at us, in the evenings we end up watching the Weather Channel a lot -- it's nice and calm, nothing to make you get upset. Pretty lame I suppose, but it's a strange comfort. We have been learning a lot about tropical storms this summer, and other weather related topics -- like right now a little info about the Hoover Dam. Yuri has been working on work projects with excitement, he made a little movie about a chip his working on -- I don't know what it does, but the movie was kinda neat - colors moved around, I suppose I am easy to entertain.

Listening to: the local on the eights

Reading: Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth I can't spell her last name

Mood: sleepy

Craving: just had strawberries, so life is good!


Yo Marie. Ann and I are sitting here absorbing your prose. Very nice. I wish I could be there to see the little shit come home for the first time, but alas I'm being hounded constantly by THE Shit. I wouldn't mind sitting on my ass with a little peace and quiet either. And of course my black little baby that I miss so much. Keep it up. I'll be checking in daily now. Love ya.

8/08/2005 12:29 AM  

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